What Services We are Offering

E-Books Conversion

eBooks Typing provides conversion services for magazines, articles, documents, reports, catalogs, and brochures. This includes transforming hardcopies into a digital format ready for online publication or converting existing digital content into publication-ready formats.

E-Books Proofreading

eBooks Typing offers proofreading to ensure that books and other written content are accurate, grammatically correct. Additional options include creating a unique table of contents, indexes, appendixes, and other supplementary details to help our client’s eBooks stand out.

E-books Development

eBooks Typing can prepare user guides, installation guides, technical guides, and service manuals that are executed in online publication ready formats. This includes the entire conceptualization, organization, preparation, and formatting process.

Content Strategy

eBooks Typing handles all of the data preparation elements to help our client’s ebook arrive at a high quality and favorable final format, including cleansing, enhancement, merging duplicates, and erasing redundancies.

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