Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How to Register ?

Please Click Register button and signup… After that Login your account and fill your Details.

2. What is the minimum age and who can join it?

The Minimum Age for now is 18 years of age.

3. What the work is ?

Your main work is english typing. Mostly data are related to e_books. We will provide 10 pages daily for typing. No Target. You will get your payment accordingly the amount of pages you completed on daily.

4. Do i get back the Refundable Deposit amount?

Yes Of Course, You can withdraw this amount along with your 1st payment. NOTE : if u work regularly till 7 days...your registration fee will be REFUNDABLE....

5. What will be the working time ? Is there any minimum target for data entry work ?

You can work in your own time. You don't have any target to complete. In short you can work anytime.

6. What is the minimum qualification required ?

You don't need any higher qualification. You just need some basic knowledge about Internet and typing.

7. When i can start working?

You can start working within 2 minute. After Registration, activation of the Account will take 2 minute and you can start the work

8. Is it genuine ?

We have been in business from 2 years providing Online Best Data Entry Job to individuals. Everything listed in our site is 100% true. and the potential income is real. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with this program. We are 100% genuine.

9. What is Accuracy parameter ?

In one Page...if u mistake(PUNCUTATION ERROR, SPELL ERROR, MISSING WORD ERROR, MISSING LINE ERROR ) less or equal to 20...then no deduction. We think, its enough for 1 page.

10. Can i change my Payment Mode in future?

Yes. You can change your Payment mode at anytime in the Member's area to withdraw your earnings.

11. The security of my data is at what level?

We are equipped with high security systems, to keep your data secured and confidential. We completely assure you the safety and confidentiality of your business data shared with us. We are having secured FTP server for the transfer of files.